Kathy Miller – London Family Therapist and Psychotherapist

I am a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist based in South London. I provide therapy services for children and families, individual adults and couples.

Specialist Care and Treatment

Are you looking for specialist care and treatment for you and a young person in your family, you individually or in your couple relationship.

It can be hard to find the right help to appropriately care for those suffering from the increasingly common issues of low mood, behaviour problems, anxiety, depression, addiction or relationship difficulties at home or at work.

Bereavement Family Therapy Learning Difficulties

Effective Professional Help

I provide an approachable, personal and proven service for children and families, individuals and couples seeking effective professional help with mental health and improved wellbeing.

I combine professional qualifications in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy and Drama Therapy with extensive hands on experience spanning from successfully enhancing self-esteem and confidence and improving relationships to dealing with attempted suicide and self-harming, psychotic breakdown and bereavement.

Multiple Approaches

What makes my approach truly different – and so consistently effective for children and families, individuals and couples – is my personal take on the proven and popular therapy methods. If you want to talk, fine. We can talk. If you aren’t ready to talk, no problem. We have multiple options to help to understand and make progress.

Those working with me can safely expect to move from a place of discomfort to a place of improved self-acceptance and self-appreciation. These are foundational steps in developing increased confidence and effective relationships